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Gayzpacho is a gay club night featuring a blend of euro-eclectic beats, disco carnival, flamenco dance, contemporary drag shows and a pool of sexy boys wrestling in tomato sauce – a hot and spicy Spanish showdown with tasty results.

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Gayzpacho started as a Spanish gay night at the famous East London queer venue The Glory. Jonny Woo wanted to host a Spanish themed night and joining forces with Angel Perez (Toma Tina) and David Roy (Matt Adore) they came out with Gayzpacho. The name encapsulates the identity of the party and the Spanish queer community in London: Spanish culture with a touch of British camp. Soon enough tomato wrestling became the idea for the main act, a reference to one of Spanish most famous festivals, la Tomatina and obviously to the main ingredient of the very popular gazpacho, a blend of tomato and fresh vegetables. Gayzpacho is a product of its time and celebration of identity: A reminder that to be human is to be a fluid intermingling of cultural, social and environmental influences. Gayzpacho is Spanish, is British, is queer and is Pan-European.

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